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Clyde Bergstresser is a fine art photographer.  He is also a trial attorney practicing in Boston.  For the last fifteen years Clyde has concentrated his photographic interest in environmental portraiture and landscapes.  In pursuit of images that reflect the spirit of a place and its people, Clyde has traveled to many parts of the world.

Most recently, Clyde traveled to the Sahara Desert, Laos and remote southern portions of Ethiopia to photograph tribes and their cultures before they disappear.  These indigenous tribes including the Wodaabe in the Sahara, the Hamar and Mursi in Ethiopia and the Akha in Laos have changed little in thousands of years.  In northern Ethiopia, Clyde photographed the Coptic rock hewn churches of King Lalibela described by many as the eighth wonder of the world, dating to the twelfth century.

In past travels, Clyde has also photographed the monasteries and people of the Tibetan Plateau high in the Himalayas in Ladakh; the temples, monks and markets of Myanmar (Burma); Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru; the Senatorium in Rome; Paris after dark; the Acropolis; the Greek temples in Sicily; St. Mark's Square in Venice and the lochs of Scotland.   He has also photographed extensively throughout this country from the redwoods of the Pacific Northwest to the pueblos and petroglyphs in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as many of our spectacular national parks including Yellowstone, Yosemite and Glacier.  Clyde has also spent countless hours photographing our own Boston and Cape Cod.

While Clyde is primarily self taught, with his pursuit of photography spanning 30 years, he has studied at the Museum School in Boston with Bill Burke, at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in New Mexico, and has traveled with two of the most experienced and accomplished adventure photographers in the country, Nevada Wier and Chris Rainier, who worked closely with and for Ansel Adams during the last years of his life.

Although he shoots in all formats, Clyde shoots primarily using a medium format camera with single focal length lenses of the highest quality.  The resulting negatives are four times the size produced by a standard professional 35mm camera such as a Nikon or Cannon and enable images of extraordinary detail and tonal range even when enlarged to create prints measuring three feet or larger.  He shoots mostly in  black and white and scans the negatives using the highest quality Imacon laser film scanners.  The images are then individually processed by Clyde for contrast, tonal range and final composition before being printed using archival ultra chrome inks.   Clyde has over twenty (20) years of traditional darkroom experience which now informs his work in the "digital darkroom."  Although a variety of archival papers are used, most prints are on cotton watercolor paper.  Clyde's talented wife Rene, who photographs primarily in color, has several images in the galleries.

Many of Clyde's prints are on continuing display in the Kingsley Galleries in Chatham and Harwich, Massachusetts and the Baptiste Studios in Cambridge and Boston.   He has had several one man shows and his prints are in numerous private collections.  Prints can be purchased at the above locations or by contacting Clyde directly.  You can email Clyde at, or directly through this web site on the Contact page.

As each print will be created by Clyde, please allow four (4) weeks for delivery.  Please view our Price and Size Chart.

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